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Customer Testimonials

I remember my very first jobsite where I was to work with a slinger and its operator. It was about 15 loads of soil for lawn and also planters. The job had to be done yesterday. I was told to call Andy, so I did. Andy came to visit me between two of his deliveries, and we scheduled the work to be done. I placed my trust and faith in his hands, as I clearly stated that I had no clue about slingers and their capabilities.

Andy started bright and early the next day, placing the top soil for the lawn, and it was with amusement that I watched him lay the soil ahead of us. He placed the soil in a way that my crew did not have much to do, minimal levelling and almost ready to roll and lay the sod. I was astonished by his skills. This was nearly 5 years ago, and today I call him for each and every job a slinger is needed.

Anyone who needs a top quality service, Andy is the man.

Frank Lay
Andy's Quality Slinger Service